Monday, January 30, 2012

Bits and Pieces (Randomness Disclaimer)

Working on finishing up a sweater, the yarn for which was a complete impulse purchase. In my defense, itʼs Noro, my first yarn love, and it was 20% off. Gorgeous colors! And, itʼs silk garden - so soft. 

I just need to finish the last sleeve, pick up stitches at the neck, block, and sew. I love that its short sleeve so I can wear it right now. My classroom is very, very warm all year. If my boss is reading this, donʼt mistake that comment for a complaint. Iʼd rather be hot than cold. Anyway, now that I can sew seams, Iʼm rather excited to finish this up. 

Next in line for the needles are a pair of cabled mittens for my mom, a coca leaf bag for a friend who does not chew coca leaves but needs a pouch for an iphone and earbuds, and a pair of socks for my Aunt Karel. Projects are not necessarily listed in order of priority, sorry girls. Excited to make the socks the most. I recently lost my grandma and this is her sock yarn that Iʼm using to make a pair of socks for her daughter, my aunt. 

Coca leaf wristlet for my non-leaf-chewing friend

Didnʼt get much knitting or blogging done this weekend, although I did manage to Pinterest. It was Winterfest here, so we were busy having dinner with friends, watching cardboard sled races, and hanging out with friends. I was going to say partying with friends, but does one still say partying with friends after age 40? And, is it considered partying if said 40-something is home by 7:00 pm? Let me know what you think. This is an awkward age - too old for Old Navy but too young for Talbots! 

Believe it or not, these sleds are nothing but cardboard and duct tape (and maybe a little wax for speed).

On Friday, I stopped by a local antique mall. I was on the hunt for vintage buttons and earrings I can repurpose. I have no idea how to do this, of course, but am feeling very craft-confident after figuring out seaming and knitting a hat that fit perfectly on the first try. Not much in the way of those notions, but I found some knitting books from the 1960s for about 2 bucks each! 

I want to knit some of the mittens, and some of the sweaters are back in style - who knew? 

Well, I better do a little less virtual yapping and a lot more needle clicking if Iʼm to make any progress tonight. Thanks for reading my random prattle ;)  Christina


  1. Ok, Renee, I'll check them out again. Maybe I'm not too young :)