Thursday, August 30, 2012

All Finished!

This past week I’ve accomplished much. Here are my feats in no particular order: I helped a friend line my Quinn Cabled Bag (see above), finished my Blueberry Waffle Socks, experienced a Jimmy Buffet concert, celebrated my oldest daughter's 22nd birthday, launched my baby at Michigan State University, and attended meetings and got my classroom ready for 145 sixth graders. I also think I might have prepared a meal as there is a pasta salad in our giant red Tupperware bowl that looks haphazardly thrown together. Since only I use Big Red and the salad is mediocre, I’m thinking it’s my handiwork. Anyway, I’m pretty tired even after sneaking in an afternoon nap today but was too excited not to blog.

My Blueberry Waffle Socks were finished a few days ago, but I just got around to snapping a few pictures today. Since the pattern calls for DK weight yarn and I used 4-ply sock yarn, I really only used the 4 row waffle stitch pattern and winged the rest. You can link to my Ravelry page to see details if you’re interested. The yarn, Sausalito, is divine. A little splity when knitting but so soft and squishy. Squishy, adjective, used to describe divine sock yarn.

First time ever I tried not to match my stripes. They ended up pretty close anyway.
When I say I experienced a Jimmy Buffet concert, it’s because Jimmy Buffet really is an experience. We started tailgating in Alpine Valley, Wisconsin at around 1:00 for an evening concert. There was much debauchery for entertainment, none of which I participated in, but I thoroughly enjoyed watching. The actual concert was great, especially since I knew all but one song. Here’s a picture of our group. Our friend turned 40 on the day of the concert, which added to the fun.
See how well-behaved we were?
Last but not least, we moved our youngest into Phillips Hall at Michigan State University. Her closet, or rather dorm room, is 10 x 13, and she shares it with a roommate. Anyway, she was so excited to have an actual key of her own to her own place. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that this will be a successful launch. So hard to sit back and hope you’ve taught your kids everything they need to be successful, independent adults. On that thought, I'll sign off with a few move-in day pictures. Thanks for reading. ~ Christina

Arriving at the dorm.
All moved in and so grown up!
Waving goodbye. Sniff. Yep, I shed a few tears.


  1. Love the bag and the lining you chose!! Your youngest looks so happy in her dorm. I wish her the best of luck!! Have a good weekend!

  2. Late with the praise, but I love the bag!

    Good luck to your daughter :D

  3. Love the bag!

    Hope your daughter likes school. : )