Thursday, June 28, 2012

Braids, Parties, and Stoles

The bits and pieces of my Quinn Cabled Bag

I learned a new skill today: how to braid with 4 strands. The bag I’m making calls for a 4-strand, braided, i-cord strap. So... I did what every knitter does when faced with a skill she (or he) doesn’t know how to do yet: I surfed YouTube. How did people craft before YouTube? Never mind. That was a rhetorical question. Anyway, my Quinn bag and strap are completed and just need a Eucalan bath and finishing touches, like lining. The Quinn Cabled Bag by Yvonne Kao is a free pattern. You can link to pattern details here: Ravelry.

4 strands of i-cord before and during braiding.
Oh and here’s a link to the video on braiding 4 strands: YouTube. The video is very clear and easy to understand. Plus the narrator has a cute accent. 

This past Saturday, we threw a successful graduation party for my youngest, Shelby. It was successful in that the weather was perfect, the rented tables and chairs showed up on time, we had plenty of food and drink, the couture cupcakes were a hit, and most importantly we got to visit with family and friends.
Shelby - the happy graduate

Make your own nacho bar: a big hit!

Lemon raspberry mini cupcakes. Yum!
Did I mention she's going to Michigan State?

Lastly, I inherited a mink stole from my great aunt, Charlotte. It’s gorgeous and in perfect condition. Her initials are even embroidered inside and there’s a cell phone pocket. Okay, I’m fairly certain that originally the pocket was not intended for a cell phone. Then again, maybe, just maybe, Aunt Charlotte was a visionary.

Aunt Margaret and me modeling our gorgeous furs!

Happy summer to you. Thanks for reading! ~ Christina


  1. Love the minks. So classic! And your knitted bag is so dang cute. See ya soon :)

  2. Thanks! The bag was fun to make - but I'm done with cables for a while! I love my "new" stole. In no hurry for winter, but looking forward to wearing it :)

  3. Oh boy what classy stoles! You need a dress to shimmy in with that!
    Your daughter is beautiful! Ho'omaka'i to her. What a great party you threw!
    The bag came out great.

    1. Thanks! I'm excited to wear the stole and of course shop for something to wear under it. Can't wait to get the bag lined. I really must learn to sew so I can stop pestering my friend to line my bags. Thankfully, she's a good sport about it :)