Sunday, March 11, 2012

Springing Ahead

Ah, the weekend we lose an hour of sleep for some reason I have long forgotten but I’m sure made sense to some number of bureaucrats at some point in time. Last year I learned that Russia has cancelled Daylight Savings Time because, among other reasons, it confused the cows with respect to milking. Just a little something to think about.
I missed a week of posting and so will catch you up on what I’ve been up to. I have found a new yoga studio and have fallen back in love with the practice. Oh, how I’ve missed the balance, the peace, challenging my body, the connection to the Earth, interacting with other people who practice yoga, feeling strong physically, etc. I could go on and on and on but will spare you. Anyway, very happy to be back.
I also attended a conference for a couple of days on using technology in the classroom. I gleaned many new ideas I can’t wait to try out on my unsuspecting 6th grade students, who I have missed and am looking forward to seeing tomorrow! I enjoyed spending time with colleagues outside of school too, something I don’t get to do very often. While wandering through the exhibition booths and shamelessly indulging in the free chocolate, I had time to take a picture with Sparty. And, since Michigan State won today, and I have a Spartan daughter, here’s the picture...

Here's a picture of Sparty and me
Finally, I've made HUGE progress on a pair of socks for my Aunt Karel. This is the project that I’m knitting using yarn from my grandmother who passed away last Fall. I found a great pattern with cables and chevrons so ditched making up my own pattern, for now. Anyway, the pattern is called Windjammer. You can link to pattern information via Ravelry here. It’s another pattern I’m knitting using a library book.

Here’s a picture of the first sock. 
I just need to finish up the foot on the second sock, another 50 rounds or so, plus or minus. The best part of the project will be giving them to my aunt, as that will involve going out to dinner.
So, I have been springing - into losing an hour of sleep, into getting back in shape, into sharpening my teaching skills, and into finishing a project. I would love to hear what you’re springing into knitting or otherwise.  As always, thanks for reading! ~ Christina

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